Monday, August 11, 2008

Working like Korean i started my work from 9.40 in the morning till 9.30 at night..really crazy i just like become a robot..luckly is not a "I robot" if not surely i will destroy the lab...hahaha..usualy if there is no work in the lab i will go back to my house around 6.30 then i'm not going back again to the lab since i have nothing to do and i am very lazy to walk again to my lab(by kaki r lebih kurang 17-20 minit)..and also actual i don't and i hate to work during night time..for me night it just like a leasure time,the time for you to do anything that you like..because the next morning you have to do the same thing and work that never ends when you're still alive(P.Byung Dae 2008)..agree????but i have no choice i have 39 samples to finish..and I think i need about 12 days to finish..maximum 1 day I can go up to, only 4 samples..what ever it is..aja-aja fighting to my self and the data seem to be good..I hope it will give me that kind of trend till the last of the sample..hehehe

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